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Q: How I can pay residing?

A: you can make it by means of a credit card, bank remittance into our account or cash in Kharkov.

Q: For what term the reserved apartment is kept?

A: If clients have not arrived to finished speaking time, without having warned us about it a call or the electronic letter, we hold apartment within several hours. If we do not receive any information from the client at this time, reservation acts in film without compensation.

Q: What your policy of cancellation of reservation and compensation of means?

A: Reservation of apartments – the mutual agreement. We guarantee availability of apartment for all period of reservation and should refuse to other clients interested in the same apartment, for imposed terms. If you decide to cancel reservation, pledge does not come back. Also, the rent for apartment does not come back, if you decide to leave apartments before the planned date. In a case if you have not arrived, have cancelled reservation or have changed arrival date, pledge (advance payment) does not come back.

Q: whether the refund Is possible at cancellation of the reservation?

A: At refusal of the client – we do not return money and we do not compensate its loss, but we can keep its money for following reservation.

Q: I come to 7-00 mornings how me to be?

A: Time of installation in apartments 13-00. For placing in apartment since early morning you should pay a residing previous day in apartment. As the apartment will stand from 12-00 a previous day without rent.

Q: What services are included in rent cost?

A: rent Cost covers cleaning of apartment of times in 7 days and bed-clothes replacement, payment of municipal accounts and local telephone conversations. Additional services (an operating time in the Internet, international calls by phone, purchases, additional cleaning) are paid separately.

Q: whether It is necessary to pay additional commission fee to agency, gathering or taxes?

A: No, we work with the apartments. Therefore it is not necessary to make any additional commission payments.

Q: I can listen to music in the evening in apartment?

A: We would not recommend to do it after 23.00. Your neighbours have the right to cause militia for public order infringement.

Q: Can I smoke in apartment?

A: Yes, You can. But, as a rule, at us smoke on a balcony that the unpleasant smell will not extend on apartment. You should respect non-smoking clients who will live after you. Sometimes the smell from smoking remains some weeks.

If you have still questions, we will answer them with pleasure!

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